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Zirconium Oxide(ZrO2)

Zirconia ceramic (ZrO2, Zirconium Oxide) is an ideal techncial ceramic for structural parts, it has relatively2272-202306301054256289.jpg high fracture toughness among all technical ceramics, overcoming the inherent brittleness of ceramics to some extent. Zirconia ceramic also has very high hardness, mechanical strength and wear resistance in room temperature and will increase the service life of workpiece greatly. 

Zirconia ceramics have been widely used in metal powder gas atomization due to their excellent thermal shock resistance, wear resistance, and chemical stability.Compared to traditional steel nozzles, the zirconia ceramic nozzles have better wear and corrosion resistance and can maintain stable performance at high temperatures (2000°C). 


  • Relatively high fracture toughness among all technical ceramics

  • High mechanical strength and high hardness

  • Very good wear resistance

  • Good resistance to acids and alkalis

  • Low thermal conductivity – the lowest amount all technical ceramics

  • Can be joint to steel parts because the similar coefficient of thermal expansion

  • Electrical insulation

Data Sheet

ZrO2 Data Sheet.png


  • Wire forming/drawing dies

  • Ceramic valve components (balls, seats, liners)

  • Ceramic pump liners

  • Mechanical seals

  • Ceramic cutting blades/knives

  • Grinding media

  • Thermal insulation components

  • Medical and surgical component

  • Precision ceramic balls for bearings

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