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XIAMEN MASCERA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a reputable and reliable supplier specializing in manufacturing and sales of technical ceramic parts. We provide custom production and high precision machining for a wide series of high performance ceramic materials including alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, boron nitride, aluminum nitride and machinable glass ceramic. Currently, our ceramic parts can be found in many industries like mechanical, chemical, medical, semiconductor, vehicle, electronic, metallurgy etc. Our mission is to provide the best quality ceramic parts for global users and it is a big pleasure to see our ceramic parts work efficiently in customers' specific applications. We can cooperate on both prototype and mass production, welcome to contact us if you have demands.

  • Selection and Combination of Low-Temperature Sintering Aids for Aluminum Oxide Ceramics

    It is very important to study the low temperature sintering technology of alumina ceramics, whether for reducing energy consumption, saving cost, or improving performance.

  • Application of Advanced Ceramics in Textile Industry

    The ceramic materials used for manufacturing textile components are required to possess high hardness, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. Commonly used ceramic materials for textile component fabrication can be categorized into four main types: alumina ceramics, titania ceramics, zirconia ceramics, and zirconia-toughened alumina ceramics.

  • Surface Grinding Technology of DPC Ceramic substrate

    During the preparation of DPC ceramic substrates, uneven distribution of electroplating current leads to non-uniform thickness of the copper layer on the substrate surface (thickness difference can exceed 100μm). Surface grinding is a key process to control the thickness of the electroplated copper layer and improve its uniformity, directly affecting the performance of ceramic substrates and the quality of device packaging.

  • The difference between Yttrium stabilized Zirconia and magnesium stabilized Zirconia

    Stable zirconia doped with yttrium has good comprehensive properties and is the most widely used solid electrolyte at present. Stable zirconia doped with magnesium oxide has general conductivity and low price, but its long-term performance is poor and is generally used as consumables.


XIAMEN MASCERA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a China supplier which specialized in custom manufacturing of technical ceramic components. We provide a broad range of high performance ceramic materials including alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride ceramic, silicon carbide ceramic, boron nitride ceramic and aluminum nitride ceramic.