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XIAMEN MASCERA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a reputable and reliable supplier specializing in manufacturing and sales of technical ceramic parts. We provide custom production and high precision machining for a wide series of high performance ceramic materials including alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, boron nitride, aluminum nitride and machinable glass ceramic. Currently, our ceramic parts can be found in many industries like mechanical, chemical, medical, semiconductor, vehicle, electronic, metallurgy etc. Our mission is to provide the best quality ceramic parts for global users and it is a big pleasure to see our ceramic parts work efficiently in customers' specific applications. We can cooperate on both prototype and mass production, welcome to contact us if you have demands.

  • Common Colors and Properties of Zirconia Ceramics

    Common colors of zirconia ceramics include white, black, pink, and blue. These colors correspond to different chemical compositions and crystal structures, leading to variations in their properties.

  • Introduction to Alumina Thermocouple Protection Tubes

    Alumina thermocouple protection tubes are ceramic tubes used to protect thermocouples. They have characteristics such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, high strength, and light weight, making them an ideal material for thermocouple protection.

  • Introduction to Common Thermocouple Protection Tubes

    In industrial production, thermocouples are commonly used temperature measurement elements, and the choice of protection tubes significantly impacts the accuracy and stability of temperature measurements. Common materials for thermocouple protection tubes include stainless steel, high-temperature alumina ceramic, and high-temperature silicon nitride ceramic.

  • Introduction to Different Types of Flanges

    Flanges are classified by material into various types, including metal flanges, plastic flanges, and ceramic flanges. Each type offers different sealing effects and application ranges, requiring selection based on specific requirements and ensuring compliance with relevant standards and specifications to ensure the safety and reliability of pipeline connections.


XIAMEN MASCERA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a China supplier which specialized in custom manufacturing of technical ceramic components. We provide a broad range of high performance ceramic materials including alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride ceramic, silicon carbide ceramic, boron nitride ceramic and aluminum nitride ceramic.