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Silicon Carbide (SIC)

碳化硅组图.jpgSilicon Carbide(SIC) is a ceramic material which has light weight but very high hardness only slightly less than diamond. It is an ideal material for high temperature using because it has high strength and oxidation resistance when high temperature. It is widely used for sealing parts due to its excellent wear resistance and self-lubrication property. The high thermal conductivity is also its advantage. 


+High strength in high temperature +High-temperature oxidation resistance 
+Excellent wear resistance +Excellent thermal shock resistance 
+High Hardness +Outstanding corrosion resistance 
+Low thermal expansionhigh thermal conductivity 

Data Sheet

SiC Data Sheet.png


  • Mechanical seal rings

  • Balls, seats, liners for valve

  • Kiln furniture

  • Heat exchangers

  • Fixed and moving turbine components

  • Components for burners

  • Ceramic bearings

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