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Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

1.pngAluminum nitride (AlN) ceramics, possess several advantages such as high thermal conductivity, low density, and good electrical resistance. The coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum nitride ceramics is similar to that of silicon, making it an ideal material for applications where good heat spreading capability and ele.ctrical insulation are required. Aluminum nitride ceramics exhibit good temperature resistance and are stable at high temperatures in inert atmospheres. When exposed to air, oxidation occurs on the surface at temperatures exceeding 700°C, but the oxide layer protects the material up to 1370°C.


+High mechanical strengthExcellent corrosion resistance
High thermal conductivitLow dielectric constant 
Good electrical insulationLow dielectric loss
Non-toxicSimilar thermal expansion with Silicon

Data Sheet

AlN Data Sheet.png


  • Heat sinks

  • Electronic substrates

  • IC packages

  • Power transistor bases

  • Microwave device packages

  • Crucible for Metal Melting & Electronic cigarettes

  • Components for semiconductor equipment

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