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Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic

  • Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic
Sintered Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic
  • MSJ/SC002
  • silicon carbide
  • customized
  • 10 pcs per type
  • wear resistant ceramic parts

Silicon carbide ceramic not only has excellent mechanical properties at room temperature, such as high bending strength, excellent oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, but also outstanding mechanical properties (strength, creep resistance) at high temperature. Silicon carbide ceramic is widely used in automobile, mechanical and chemical industry, semiconductor, space technology, microelectronics, energy, papermaking and other fields, which has become an irreplaceable wear resistant and refractory material.

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Product detail

sintered silicon carbideSilicon carbide ceramic (SiC), a non-oxide ceramic, is an extremely hard material with a Mohs hardness of up to 9.5. It exhibits excellent mechanical properties at room temperature, including high bending strength, exceptional oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, and a low friction coefficient. Moreover, Silicon carbide retains outstanding mechanical properties, such as strength and creep resistance, at high temperatures, with a high temperature strength that can be maintained up to 1600°C. These properties make silicon carbide ceramic the best among all ceramic materials. Additionally, it boasts superior oxidation resistance compared to other non-oxide ceramics.

Silicon carbide ceramic finds widespread applications in various industries, including automotive, mechanical, and chemical industries, semiconductors, space technology, microelectronics, energy, papermaking, and more. It has become an ideal material for harsh conditions involving high temperatures, high pressures, corrosion, and abrasion.

Mascera produced silicon carbide ceramics in two forms, sintered silicon carbide (SSiC) and reaction bonded silicon carbide (SiSiC). 

Sintered silicon carbide ceramic is made of high-purity and nano-grade raw powders and sintered at a high temperature of 2100℃-2200℃, the sintering process will densify the green body and cause shrinkage approximately 20%; reaction boned silicon carbide uses micron-sized silicon carbide powder, the sintering temperature is 1450℃-1700℃, there is no shape shrinkage during sintering. The higher sintering temperature makes sintered silicon carbide having better performance, such as higher density, higher strength, better resistance to oxidation and corrosion; for applicatons which don't have so high properties requirement, reaction bonded silicon carbide is more cost effective.

Main properties of silicon carbide ceramic

  • High strength in high temperature

  • High-temperature oxidation resistance

  • Excellent wear resistance

  • Low thermal expansion coefficient

  • High thermal conductivity

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance

  • High hardness

  • Light weight because of low density

  • Good corrosion resistance

Typical applications of silicon carbide ceramics

  • Mechanial seal rings

  • Balls, seats, liners for valve

  • Kiln furniture

  • Heat exchangers

  • Fixed and moving turbine components

  • Grinding media

  • Military bulletproof plates

  • Components for burners

  • Ceramic bearings

Material Data Sheet

ItemUnitTechnical parameters
Water Absorption%00
Modulus of ElasticityGpa
Flexural Strength (@R.T.)Mpa359
Compressive Strength (@R.T.)Mpa≥22002000
Thermal Conductivity (@R.T.)W/Mk110100

Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion 


Max. Working Temperature1500

Available shapes of silicon carbide ceramics

  1. Ceramic rod / ceramic pin / ceramic plunger

  2. Ceramic tube / ceramic bushing / ceramic sleeve

  3. Ceramic ring / ceramic washer / ceramic spacer 

  4. Ceramic disc

  5. Ceramic plate / ceramic block

  6. Ceramic ball

  7. Ceramic piston

  8. Ceramic nozzle

  9. Ceramic crucible

  10. Other custom ceramic parts

Packing & Shipment

Package typecarton box with foam protection
Payment terms

TT / Western Union / Paypal

50% payment in advanced and 50% before shipment

Loading port Xiamen, China
Shipping wayBy sea / air / door-to-door express

silicon carbide ceramic

sic ceramic

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