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ceramic valve seat

  • Zirconia Ceramic Balls And Ceramic Seats For Ball Valve

    Zirconia Ceramic Balls And Ceramic Seats For Ball Valve

    Because of excellent properties in mechanical and chemical aspects, zirconia ceramic (zro2 / zirconium oxide) was found a good application as ceramic valve parts, such as ceramic valve balls, ceramic valve seats, ceramic valve liners, ceramic valve bodies. Zirconia ceramic valve parts have good durability, superior abrasion resistance and chemical inertness, they hardly react with most chemical media, The using of zirconia ceramic valve parts can effectively separate the corrosive fluid medium from the metal valve body, greatly improving the working life of valves. Currently, ceramic valve parts are widely used in flue gas desulfurization, chlor-alkali chemical industry, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, thermal power generation etc. Any inquiry please email or call +86 13860446139

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