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Electrical Insulation Alumina Ceramic Sheet

  • Electrical Insulation Alumina Ceramic Sheet
  • Electrical Insulation Alumina Ceramic Sheet
  • Electrical Insulation Alumina Ceramic Sheet
  • Electrical Insulation Alumina Ceramic Sheet
Electrical Insulation Alumina Ceramic Sheet
  • MSJ/CS-006
  • 96% alumina ceramic
  • customized as per required specification
  • 100 pcs per type
  • electronic circuit or modules

Mascera is a professional supplier for technical ceramic parts, we provide custom manufacturing for alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, boron nitride ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, aluminum nitride ceramics and machinable glass ceramics.

One of our hot selling products is ceramic substrate for electronic package applications. The materials of ceramic substrates we can produce are 96% alumina ceramic and aluminum nitride ceramic. Both have good electrical insulation, good mechanical strength and high heat resistance. Product size could be customized accroding to your request, delivery date could be within 7 days at the fastest.

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Product detail

Alumina, also known as Aluminum Oxide or Al2O3, is a hard-wearing advanced technical ceramic material frequently used in a wide variety of industrial, medical, and electronic applications. Alumina ceramic sheet made of 96% alumina ceramic has excellent properties of high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity,  good electrical insulation, low dielectric loss, high strength and hardness, low density etc. The excellent properties make alumina sheets have a wide applications in electronic applications like hybrid integrated circuits, LED ceramic cooling bases, power modules, semiconductor devices, etc.

Mascera offers high quality alumina ceramic sheet in custom design and dimensions, we are able to produce ceramic sheets in different technologies according to the required thickness, flatness and surface finish.  For ceramic sheet with a thickness less than 1.5mm, we make it by tap casting and laser machining (laser scribing, laser cutting, laser drilling); for ceramic sheet with a thickness higher than 1.5mm, we make it by dry pressing and make precision machining by a machining lathe. Mascera can cooperate not only for bulk orders, but also prototypes or small volume orders. 

Main Properties of Alumina Ceramic Sheet

  • High mechanical strength and hardness

  • Good electrical insulation

  • Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss

  • High thermal conductivity

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Non-toxic

  • Low weight

96 Alumina Ceramic Property Data

Al2O3 Purity
Water Absorption%0
Moh’s Hardness9
Fracture ToughnessMpa.m1/23‐4
Flexural Strength(at 25℃)Mpa
Thermal ConductivityW/m.k≥24
Coefficient of Thermal


Max working temperature1650
Dielectric Constant(1MHz, 25℃)9~10
Dielectric Loss(1MHz, 25℃)0.0003
Dielectric StrengthKV/mm17
Volume resistivityΩ.cm1014

Typical Application of Alumina Ceramic Sheets

  • thick/thin film circuits

  • LED lighting

  • IGBT power modules

  • DBC substrates

  • automotive electronics

  • power resistors

  • semiconductor refrigerators

Processing Ability of Ceramic Substrates

Mascera has introduced laser machines in our production line and we are able to make laser cutting, laser scribing, hole drilling as per customers' request, size accuracy is high, processing speed is fast, product stability is good. For surface processing, polishing or DPC&DBC metallization can also be provided. Please send your design or demand details to us when you want a quotation from us.

Ceramic Sheet

Packing & Shipment

Package typecarton box with foam protection
Payment terms

TT / Western Union / Paypal

50% payment in advanced and 50% before shipment

Loading port Xiamen, China
Shipping wayBy sea / air / door-to-door express

Alumina Ceramic Sheet

al2o3 ceramic sheet

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10+ years experience in technical ceramics manufacturing and R&D

ISO9001:2015 certificated quality control management system

Different types of ceramic materials are provided for your different applications

Products have been exported to 40+ countries and have good reputation from our customers

MOQ is low, both prototype and bulk order will keep high quality

Any of your inquiries or questions will be responded no longer than 24 hours

Rigorous production plan to ensure on-time delivery

Ceramic Sheet

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