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zsbn ceramic

  • Grade Zsbn Boron Nitride Ceramic Nozzle

    Grade Zsbn Boron Nitride Ceramic Nozzle

    ZSBN ceramic is one type of hot pressed boron nitride ceramic, it is a composite material that combines the excellent properties of hot pressed boron nitride and zirconia. ZSBN ceramic not only has the excellent thermal stability and non-wetting property of hot pressed boron nitride, but also has good wear resistance and high strength of zirconia. ZSBN ceramic has perfectly overcome the defect of pure boron nitride ceramic, making it able to be used for applications where good thermal shock resistance, non-wetting property and good wear resistance are needed. ZSBN ceramic is widely applied for molten metal applications such as continuous casting breakrings, metal powder atomizing nozzles, and nozzle for amorphous soft magnetic etc. Any inquiry please email or call +86 13860446139

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