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Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve

  • Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
  • Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
  • Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
  • Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
  • Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
  • Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
  • Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
Y2O3 Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
  • MSJ/ZR-004
  • zirconia ceramic (Y-PSZ)
  • customized
  • 10 pcs per type
  • wear resistant ceramic parts

Mascera offers custom production for zirconia ceramic sleeves / tubes, they are made of extreme hard zirconia ceramic (ZrO2, Zirconium Oxide), the hardness is up to Moh's grade 8.5 which is very close to that of dimond (Moh's grade 10), therefore zirconia ceramic sleeves / tubes can be machined with diamond machining tools only. The ceramic sleeves / tubes are made of superfine raw powders and fully dense, a mirror surface could be achieved after fine grinding and polishing.

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Product detail

Mascera specializes in custom production of zirconia ceramic sleeves/tubes. These sleeves/tubes are crafted from highly durable zirconia ceramic (ZrO2, Zirconium Oxide), known for its extreme hardness. With a hardness rating of up to Moh's grade 8.5, which is close to that of diamond (Moh's grade 10), zirconia ceramic sleeves/tubes require diamond machining tools for precise machining. Our ceramic sleeves/tubes are manufactured using superfine raw powders, resulting in fully dense structures. Through fine grinding and polishing, we can achieve a mirror-like surface finish.

Zirconia ceramic sleeves/tubes exhibit superior wear resistance, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. They are well-suited for use as structural parts, as their exceptional wear resistance greatly enhances their lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering associated costs. Furthermore, the low thermal coefficient of zirconia ceramic sleeves/tubes enables seamless assembly and compatibility with steel parts.

At Mascera, we offer zirconia ceramic sleeves/tubes in custom sizes and machining specifications. Our production capabilities allow us to achieve high accuracy, with tolerances of up to +/- 0.002mm. Additionally, surfaces can be polished to a roughness of Ra0.1μm. If desired, we can incorporate thread holes or external threads for convenient fastening purposes.

Types of Zirconia Ceramics

Mascera has two types of zirconia ceramic in our product range,  Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia (Y-PSZ) and Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia (Mg-PSZ). Pure zirconia ceramic will have transformation of crystal structure when temperature reaches the certain value, the volume changes drastically when the crystal phase changes, and the finished parts after sintering will crack. To provent this problem, stabilizing agent like Yttrium oxide (Y2O3) or Magnesium oxide (MgO) are doped into zirconia ceramic by changing the crystal structure from a monoclinic to stable tetragonal phase.

Both Y-PSZ and Mg-PSZ  have excellent mechanical properties such as high hardness, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance and good corrosion resistance in room temperature. The difference is that Mg-PSZ has better strength in mosit and high temperature environment while the mechanical properties of Y-PSZ begin to deteriorate.

Main properties of zirconia ceramic sleeves

Relatively high fracture toughness among all technical ceramics

High mechanical strength and high hardness

Very good wear resistance

Good resistance to acids and alkalis

Low thermal conductivity – the lowest amount all technical ceramics

can be joint to steel parts because the similar coefficient of thermal expansion

Electrical insulation

Typical applications of zirconia ceramic

Wire forming/drawing dies

Ceramic valve components (balls, seats, liners)

Ceramic pump liners

Mechanical seals

Ceramic cutting blades/knives

Grinding media

Thermal insulation components

Medical and surgical component

Precision ceramic balls for bearings

Material Data Sheet

ItemUnitTechnical parameters
Densityg/cm35.95-6.05 5.70
Hardness(HV 0.5)--13001100
Fracture Toughness
Flexural Strength (@R.T.)Mpa900 500
Compressive Strength (@R.T.)Mpa2200 
Thermal Conductivity (@R.T.)W/Mk2.2 2.2

Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion 


Thermal Shock Resistance△T(℃)280-350450

Max. Working Temperature




Available Shapes of Zirconia Ceramics

Ceramic rod / ceramic pin / ceramic plunger

Ceramic tube / ceramic bushing / ceramic sleeve

Ceramic ring / ceramic washer / ceramic spacer 

Ceramic disc

Ceramic plate / ceramic block

Ceramic ball

Ceramic piston

Ceramic nozzle

Ceramic crucible

Other custom ceramic parts

Packing & Shipment

Package typecarton box with foam protection
Payment terms

TT / Western Union / Paypal

50% payment in advanced and 50% before shipment

Loading port Xiamen, China
Shipping wayBy sea / air / door-to-door express

zirconia ceramic sleeve

zro2 ceramic sleeve

Company Introducton

ceramic sleeve

XIAMEN MASCERA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a China supplier which specialized in custom manufacturing of technical ceramic components. We provide a broad range of high performance ceramic materials including alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride ceramic, silicon carbide ceramic, boron nitride ceramic and aluminum nitride ceramic.


We have completed production lines for molding, sintering, high precision machining, quality inspection of technical ceramic components. Our products are in conformity with ISO9001:2015 quality management system and we are capable to deliver ceramic components of fully dense, accurate size and surface finish control, prompt lead time.


Since our foundation, Mascera has committed to providing ceramic components of highest quality and has built faithful partnership with our customers. Currently, our products have been exported to 40 countries and widely applied in industries like machinery, automotive, chemistry, medical, energy, electronic, semiconductor, aerospace, telecommunication etc.


With expertise of material properties and machining technique, Mascera is able to give our customers the most valuable solutions for their specific applications and cooperate from prototype development to mass production. It is our honor that our technical ceramics components are used by some research institutes and high-tech enterprises, and make small contribution for technology innovation.

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